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Search the Knowledge Source

Use the search function to find content in the Knowledge Source and insert it directly into your documents, or extract specific parts of the content and drag and drop it into your document.

You can also use the Breeze Panel search function to access Knowledge Source content for use in any documents you are authoring.

To search for content while using the Breeze Panel:

1) On the Breeze panel home screen, Click on Search.

2) Specify the search criteria; You can search for specific Strings, Content Types, Categories (specific to your QBP instance), content States or File Types.
3) Click on Go Search.


Using the quick search function:

The magnifying glass icon in the search pane of the Breeze panel will search using the currently selected text as a search term, as well as any additional filters you can apply. (In this case we are searching only for content in the Q&A Pairs)

1) Select the term you wish to search for.
2) Click on the magnifying glass icon and you will be taken to the relevant search results for the term and filters you had selected.



You can insert content from the returned results into your document.

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