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Project Folders


The Project Folders feature brings improved project content flexibility and management by allowing users to add folders to their projects and to upload any file directly into their folders. 

Adding a new folder

Upon accessing a selected project, a new “Add Folder” button will be available


Clicking on this button will bring up the dialogue to provide the folder name.


Folder names must be unique for the location they are created in and cannot contain any special characters (~ " # % & *: < > ? / \ { | })

Folders can be created in folders but no more than 3 sub-levels are supported. 

Rename or Delete Folders

Folders will by default appear at the top of all listings and can be either renamed or deleted by clicking on the appropriate action button


NB: Deleting a folder will delete all files and sub-folders contained in the folder, any tasks associated with documents in the folder will also be deleted.

Users can also use the Folders filter to only show Folders


Add Document

Users can add files directly to projects and folders within projects via the new “Add Document” option available in a project.


Clicking this option will allow the user to browse their Computer for file/s that they require to add to the project

The Add Document supports all file types

Multiple files can be added at once by using the standard multiple file selection options supported by the operating system (Ctrl select or Shift select etc.) NB: This is not available when using Internet Explorer.

To add files or create documents to a specific folder the user must navigate into the selected folder before using either the “Add Document” or “New Document” actions.

Move File

Users can move files to any location/folder within the selected project by clicking on the options button for the selected file


The “Move Document” option will bring up the following dialogue when clicked


The user will need to select the destination where the file will be moved to.

If the same file exists in the destination location the user will have the option to overwrite the existing file or to cancel the operation 


All documents that have been added to the project, irrespective of their folder, will be available as a part of the existing distribute functionality


The folder location of the file is indicated by the [] following the filename 

Default Project Folders

All Project types can be individually configured to be created with default folders already added, please contact the Qorus Breeze helpdesk to assist in setting this up.

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