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Bug Fixes



Breeze Panel Active Preview Crashes


In later versions of Office 2016, the active preview in the panel no longer crashes.

Sub-Allocation Functionality - Due Dates for Sub Allocations

When creating a sub-allocation, only dates before the parent allocation’s contribution due date can be selected.

KS Documents - Duplicate File Appearing

When uploading Knowledge Source content where the file name has multiple dots in it, a duplicate file no longer gets created.

Change in Project Owner

After changing the project owner, the new project owner is now reflected on the project’s Team tab.

List View Threshold

List View Threshold violations resolved on the Project Point and Unapproved Content areas.

Special character causing Project Cart to error

A message is now presented to the user informing them that a set of special characters are not allowed.

Missing actions in reports

Included missing logged actions in the report.

More Statuses filter does not work as expected

Dashboard and Projects tasks load tasks by default which have ‘open’ statuses. Filtering is possible on additional statuses.

Content List - Search Category Filtering

Knowledge Source selection of library will display search categories with an & in its title.

Unable to generate report

Implemented performance improvements in “Search Results by Term” report.

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