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Individual User Permissions on Projects (full version)


This feature restricts deleting of projects and project data like documents, teams, proposal carts, tasks, etc. to only Bid Masters and Project Owners.

A light version of this feature was included in an earlier version of Breeze but it provided very limited functionality and the full feature is included in version 2.4.2. 

Areas Restricted

Bid Masters and Project Owners will be able to access the commands described below. A user who is not a Bid Master or who has not created the project will not have access to the functionality. 

‘Edit Project’ & ‘Delete Project’ commands on the project actions menu.User_permissions_1.png

 ‘Edit Document Owner’ and ‘Delete Document’ commands on the project document action menu.User_permissions_2.png


 The ‘Delete Document’ command on the project document preview window. User_permissions_3.png

 The ‘Delete Cart’ command on the Project Carts list. User_permissions_4.png

‘Edit Document Owner’ and ‘Delete Document’ commands on the supporting document action menu. User_permissions_5.png





The ‘Delete Document’ command on the supporting document preview window. User_permissions_6.png


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