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Bug Fixes




Display friendly message after ADFS timeout

Changed the wording of the timeout message to be user friendly.

Active Preview Styles Lost When Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste to Word

Retain custom styles when a drag and drop is done from the active preview to a word document.

Breeze KS - Spelling Mistake in Upload Status Message

Spelling mistake rectified.

Project Point Custom People Picker Field

All people picker fields on a project edit properties page were auto populated with the current user when a project was opened. Only the project owner field should be auto populated with the details of the current logged in user.

Office 2016 Odd Behaviour with Workflow Tasks

Tasks in emails viewed in Office 2016 directed the user to the SharePoint back-end instead of the correct Breeze page.

Panel Paging Reset After Editing/Deleting an Allocation

Page refresh and navigation inconsistencies rectified.

Improve Image Quality in "Distribute Documents" feature

Improved the quality of images which are included in documents when documents are compressed during the ‘Distribute Documents’ process.


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